Satori Method's Life Mastery Coaching Program


Please forgive me if the following sounds a little new agey...
but what I am about to say is a simple truth:

We all have an Inner-Guide that knows what is best for us. Some call it their Intuition, some call it their Soul; others call it their Heart; while there are those who call it their True Nature; and of course some call that awareness God.

sensei_tristanWhatever the preference, the bottom line is this: When we are tuned into IT, IT guides us and reveals our 'true purpose' in life.

Unfortunately awareness of this Inner-Guide is often blocked by daily stress, self-imposed pressures, limiting beliefs and past traumas. These blocks are experienced as feelings of separation or disconnect from our 'IT' -- and our ‘true purpose' in life feels very unclear.

Feeling disconnected?

When disconnected from our True Self the fear-based self (a.k.a. False Self or Ego) tends to go into an over-drive, self-centered mode, trying to accomplish and acquire things in an attempt to make the pain of that separation go away. However, when driven by fear and unconscious motivations we are always left feeling unfulfilled; we end up on the hamster wheel of life, chasing ‘empty’ desires that never fulfill us or lead us to true happiness. This is not living at all and it can feel like our busy lives and over-stimulated brains are a self-made prison that prevents us from experiencing true peace and fulfillment.

The good news is there’s a way out of this conundrum...

When we take the time to stop avoiding the moment and running away from our fears, anxieties and hang-ups we can finally end the drama. How? Every human being has a natural ability to experience the clarity and wisdom of their Inner Guide -- and they can do so by uncovering it like one would uncover a hidden treasure.

By first clearing away stress and then learning how to meditate properly you can begin to dig down within yourself and uncover this inner treasure. As you go deeper into your True Nature you'll find that you do in fact have the wisdom and clarity to find your true purpose. From this awakened state it is easy to create a wonderful life; one inspired by conscious desires and conscious actions.

Find a qualified teacher to show you how...

Our Life Mastery Coaching program uses a powerful five-step process that begins with mindful meditation instruction followed by four other powerful life-mastery tools that you can begin using right away. Once you are reconnected and back in alignment with your True Nature you'll begin shaping your life into the masterpiece you always wanted it to be!


....Tristan Truscott, Sensei