First hand experiences from Life Mastery Coaching students!!

"Your tools and coaching helped to unleash the power of "me" in the good sense. I am much more aware of myself and sensitive to others, making it much easier to make positive changes in my personal life as well as inspiring healthy changes in my organization. My confidence and optimism have spread to others, and it just seems that my life has fallen into place. Even on 'bad days', it's easy to get myself back on track because I know how, thanks to you. These tools are for a lifetime, and I am grateful to have them in my arsenal. Thanks for everything, Tristan!"

~ Penny Mina, Innovation Manager, Dr Pepper Snapple Group

“Tristan, I wanted to let you know that I was so happy with the life coaching we did. I got something valuable out of every single session and truly learned life tools that I can now apply to all types of situations in both business and personal life. As I told you, even though we finished our program,  I would like to continue the coaching with you, because I think the rewards of it are “ten times” the cost and time I put into it. I would absolutely recommend your coaching program to anyone without any hesitation.”

~ Larry Tamkin, CEO, Innovo Realty

"Sensei Tristan helped me to be a better therapist.  I have always  focused more on the academic side of things, looking for new methods, techniques, theories, because I thought it would make me more competent and effective in my work.  Yet the more I learned, the more I wanted to know and always felt there was something still lacking. Through Sensei Tristan's Life Mastery Coaching, I learned skills that helped me discover the power of Presence.  I always knew "about" presence and it's place as a cornerstone to effective therapy, but had never truly experienced it in this way before. This Presence I have come to experience is the space in which my life derives meaning, not  just for my therapy practice, but in everything. I can bring conscious awareness to everything I do because it is already there!  Where?  In the Present.  For anyone wanting a more beautiful and meaningful life, I recommend this course.  If you keep an open mind and dedicate your time and positive intention to it, you will not be the same again."

~ Jiovann Carrasco, LPC, Psychotherpist

"Satori Life Mastery Coaching has given me a new perspective on foundations that I built my own counseling practice on; it has allowed me to find a deeper honesty about my own intentions, motives and ways to clear the blocks to levels of success that before were only enjoyed in areas of idea. It helped me to incorporate action, not just ideas, into living life rather than just thinking about it."

~ Jonthan Anderson, MA, LPC Licensed Professional Counselor

"Tristan, meeting you through mutual friends and learning about your background wound up being one of the most fortunate events of my life. As we discussed, I have had lower back problems for over 20 years. Through the physical stretching exercises you showed me along with proper breathing techniques, combined with an introduction to Dr. Sarno’s literature have dramatically improved the quality of my life.  I am able to do all the physical exercises (including racquetball) that I once loved when I was younger -virtually pain free.  I diligently follow the Mind Body regimen recommended in Dr. Sarno’s books. After trying many different things to conquer my back pain through the years, nothing was successful until the guidance and direction you set me on. I do not think twice about engaging in any type of physical activity now. Best of all, I do not worry about waking up the following morning unable to get out of bed. Words cannot describe how grateful I am to you for setting me free. My warmest regards"
~ Ira Kravitz, Morgan Stanley

"The Mushin mindset is phenomenal! We recently had a situation in the hospital where a patient was reacting to the medicine our department gave them. This is a life threatening event and it is so important to be calm as the physician on the scene. Mushin kicked in because of the training and I was able to take in all of the options and treat the patient exactly how they needed, no more, no less. The nurses were amazed!"

~ Dr. Lori Barr, MD

"Dear Sensei Tristan, while it is still fresh in my mind, I wanted to drop you a note to let you know that the Satori combination of Mushin meditation, followed by qigong was absolutely fantastic! I've done meditation, and I've done movement, but I've never combined them like that before. It hit exactly my mind-body-spirit connection, and at one point I had so surrendered to the flow of the qigong that it was as close as I've come to an out-of-body experience. I'm still buzzing from it. Thank you so much for guiding me through that this afternoon. It was an amazing experience."

~ Lauren Shaw, Attorney

"I thank you deeply for the energy you dedicate to the physical and spiritual development of others. I thank you personally for the relief, release, and reconnection which you facilitated in me on Thursday night. Mushin is so powerful. I continue to benefit from and greatly enjoy your instruction. Thank You"

~ Doug Diamond, Montessori School Teacher

“When I take Sensei Tristan’s class [Satori] I am transported from the hectic, busy world to a place of calm where I can connect with my true self. His exercises energize my body while the Meditation and Qigong brings clarity for me to be in the present – the here and now. His teaching is a gift – I am filled with a feeling of joy and well being when I finish the class. Thank you!”

~ Debbie Miller, Executive Vice President - Midtown Video

"I would like to tell you how appreciative that I am for how much you have helped me not only with my weight loss issues, but also how much Satori Sport is helping with my health issues. When I started with Satori Sport I was on two blood pressure medications and my blood pressure was still running around 140/85. As of last week my doctor took me off of one of my blood pressure medications as my bp had dropped to 104/80 and he said if I continue to drop at this rate within the next 2 to 3 months he will be monitoring my bp and hopes to get me off my other drug. Thank you so much for your dedication in continuing to help improve peoples lives and thank you for starting Satori Sport. I absolutely love it and only wish we could go 5 nights a week."

~ Dawn Krantz, CEO Exit Properties

"Dear Sensei Tristan, as you know, I was having constant aching pain in my low back for several months. After trying different forms of treatment including physical therapy, I wasn't sure anything was going to work. Then, when you sat down with me one on one to explain the true connection of the mind & body, I began to understand that my very real physical pain was rooted in my mind and not my body. Using methods you taught including tapping, positive affirmation and meditation, we were able to clear out negative images and let go of past/present blockages. It's been well over a year now and I'm still pain free. This whole experience was like a cleansing of the mindbodysoul and has allowed me to move freely, mentally, emotionally AND physically, on with my life with a new appreciation of self. Clearly, my gratitude is endless. Thank you".

~ Dana Schwartz, Film Producer, Real Normal Productions

"Until a year ago, I had never heard of Qi Gong. Today, I cannot imagine my life without practicing this wonderful energy generated breathing technique that has helped me achieve and maintain good health. I have suffered with migraine headaches for many years, and since I have begun practicing Satori Flow, I have not had a major headache of any kind. The practice of Satori Flow has enhanced the stamina and coordination of my body; it has helped my mental concentration during my day and has reduced the stress in my life by at least three fold. I have learned about Qi Gong through my martial arts practice, but it is a practice that would be beneficial to anyone. It is wonderful to be able to center into my breath and to be able to achieve a highly relaxed and tranquil mind and body state during my day, no matter how stressful it may be. The practice has increased my joint flexibility, increased the range of motion in my body and has increased the flood flow, which has provided better circulation to all of my body including my hands, feet and especially my head."

~ Dana Gribi, Events Coordinator

"Since beginning [Satori] not only am I managing stress better, but I feel more empowered in my body. I have lived with Chronic Pain for over 10 years and find the Qigong practice especially beneficial in managing that as well as other symptoms."

~ Nancy A. Harding, LPC, Psychotherapist/Consultant

"Your coaching certainly has had an awaking affect on me. A decision was made to do things differently. Then simply I began by preparing and eating healthier foods at every mealtime. Along with this I incorporated a daily practice of soft Qigong, meditation, journaling and an emotional state that is more observing of self. These daily practices have had a profound effect on me and my life today, for this I am truly grateful. Thank you Tristan!"

~ Bruce Kennady, Kennady Co.

"I had the opportunity to attend Sensei Tristan's Advanced Mushin No-mind/No-ego seminar. That three hour seminar taught me so much! I learned why I react in a certain way during stressful situations and how to change my reaction. As a high school teacher, there are many situations that cause me to become stressed and even angry but learning how to control my reactions by watching my breath and reframing has been an incredible help."

~ Becky Hertel, 9th & 10th Grade Teacher

"I just want to stop for a minute and tell you all how very grateful I am for the retreat experience this weekend. I was totally unprepared for the question at the end as to what I got out of it and saying that the people were nice was a really lame answer that doesn't even come close to what I did get out of. The earlier exercises in the notebook were emotional ( I think for many) and I "thought" if I talked too much I was going to cry....

I leave in the morning for NY to see my father on his death bed. The week end was not only a gift in the way of timing but it also gave me a sense of direction for my jumbled thoughts and my sad heart; it gave me a sense of calm. I can see my thoughts. I felt my self smiling more than I have been lately.

I have enjoyed learning a lot of tools over the past year. Every once in a while I feel over whelmed by them all as to understand how to put them all together to work in conjunction with each other. Being with so many gentle hearts that smile and love so easily seemed different for me this week end. It was a a very visual experience that showed me the advantages of using all the tools together to to feel that sense of calm all the time. I am hungry for more.

And, I absolutely loved being barefoot on the wet grass under the stars before dawn. I'm defiantly going to do that more! From my heart... Thank you"

~ Julie Retersdorf, Nurse

"As a parent, I can attest to the value of the practice of mindfulness [Mushin] that we receive. It helps me to find calm in my own hectic life as a parent, and I can also carry these lessons to my children by example through what I do and how I react to stress. I think this is a great benefit of our class that is separate from punching or physical fitness."

~ Glenn Lightsey (Associate Professor, Department of Aerospace Engineering, University of Texas, Austin)

Hi Sensei, ... I’m grateful for the many hours you have donated to train myself and others through the dojo, I’m grateful for the many hours of counseling/wisdom you have graced me with, and I’m grateful for the wonderful example you are to me (I’ve had very few people in my life that have been good examples that I could follow and learn through), and I’m most grateful for the direction my life is headed because of you and AMAA and the love that you and the other Sensei’s pour through it. Thank you."

~ Cheryl Featherstone, Martial Arts Teacher

“I was doing my own weight and cardio program at the gym and getting good results but was curious how much more efficient a professionally managed program could be so I signed up for Satori Sport. What I have found is that this workout is probably twice as efficient as what I was doing on my own with much better coverage of the whole body. I’m the in the best physical condition of my life and enjoying the path to being healthy. Thanks!"

~ Greg North, Computer Chip Manufacturing

"Satori has been the perfect remedy for a whole life change when it comes to healing the body. There has been a lot of fear of not being taken care of and it is so beautiful to realize I'm not a victim to anything and I don't have to create illness to get love. I'm using the tapping on the meridians, sending the golden, healing light of love and then releasing black smoke. Being consistent is one of the most important things to remember for me and that the soul has such power of transforming everything into love. Thanks so much for helping me to see this."

~ April Downing, Hair Dresser

"I was having increased back problems for about 6 months. Sharp pains in my lower back that got so bad I could barely move and I couldn't sleep. I was in constant pain and it was getting pretty serious and affecting every aspect of my life. The pain would literally paralyze me at times and I felt completely shut down. Tristan showed me a series of Martial Yoga movements from the Satori Flow Course that took me from immobility to absolutely no pain whatsoever within about a week. Even the day after I began I noticed considerable improvement. I haven't had back pain since and I continue to train with Tristan doing Satori. I've never felt better. It's really a life changing experience to train with Tristan and helps keep me focused, relaxed and ultimately healthy both mentally and physically. These techniques are amazing and great for anyone regardless of whether or not you have specific pain or stress."

~ John Gibson, Film Maker

"I wanted to share with you what I perceive as the positive benefits from following the Satori Flow training. Usually, several hours after my work out routine at the gym, I experience a soreness and stiffness in different parts of my body. I had accepted these 'aches and pain' as a part of the process of the body getting older. Several hours after the Martial Yoga exercises, I was NOT experiencing my usual aches and pains and actually felt more relaxed and my whole nervous system felt much calmer. The following day, when I would really feel all my 'aches and pains', I felt very relaxed, calm, and energetic. I have noticed that since I have begun using Satori Flow on a regular basis, I do not experience the same stiffness, or soreness that I did before."

~ Martha Garrett, M.Ed., Clinical Psychologist

"Dear Sensei, Thank you so much for your generosity this past month. I've thoroughly enjoyed training at your school. You have a terrific group of regular students; they made me feel completely welcome while challenging me in a safe and fun atmosphere. You've managed to create what is in my experience a rare environment; one where the students have built a supportive community without the fanatic's blind devotion to a style or a personality. Everyone I talked with seemed to be trying to develop tools so they could seek truth as independent martial artists. During the past month, I have had the great pleasure of working one-on-one with Gene, Dee, Melanie, Shelby, Carmelite, Dan, a young Asian man whose name I can't recall, and 3 of your newer students - Roger, Max, and John. They were all great partners. Gene in particular is a real gem, especially as an instructor. Thank you again for welcoming me into your school so graciously".

~ Glenn Garvey, Martial Arts Instructor

"Friday night the new weather blew in and with it came nasal misery for me . I knew that a sinus infection was coming; it always does when I get that bad. I decided that I needed to change my approach to these episodes if I was to expect anything different in the end. Using the breathing technique from The Art of Mushin I imagined that the air was golden healing energy that was massaging all those aggravated nooks of my deepest sinus cavities. As I exhaled, I would make a slight OM noise through my nose to increase the massaging and visualized all the nasties shaking loose from my nose and floating away. I then took the visual farther by transforming the pressure of my sinuses. It was no longer pressure due to mucus; my sinuses were pregnant with chi I told myself. The pressure became a vibration and as I continued with the breathing the most remarkable thing I have ever experienced in my long battle with allergies happened. My sinuses opened like flood gates. I didn't even have to blow. I must have sat there draining for 20 minutes just breathing and visualizing. The pressure was gone and the burning inflammation had subsided. My sinuses feel healthy and thankful and I haven't taken any kind of allergy pills, just good ol' chi breathin'."

~ Jeff Smastrala, Massage Therapist