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tristan and sabrinaOur names are Tristan & Sabrina Truscott and we've been on an amazing journey together - the journey we all call life!

We met each other 20 years ago in a meditation program and ever since we've been learning and practicing how to create days that are filled with tons of laughter, lots of love, financial abundance, great friends, healthy bodies and inner peace.

It's been a crazy ride, filled with all of the challenges that life brings, but we decided to hold steadfast to our vision of living a balanced, abundant and healthy lifestyle. After all, these lives belong to us and we can choose how we respond to the things that show up.

Sure there have been really hard times... big financial obstacles, nasty car crash injuries and even times of spiritual disconnet. But as a team we decided we would help each other to remember what is most important... and that is choosing to send out joy and love, everyday, under every circumstance, no matter what shows up!

Here's the good news... it works :)

In truth we have both spent a lot of years of searching for balance, prosperity and a healthy lifestyle... from practicing a gazillion spiritual teachings and personal development techniques... mastering martial arts, dance and fitness... to studying business and wealth creation... but through it all we've uncovered a very simple realization (Satori) along the way.

It's the realization that everything anyone needs to be happy and free is right here within themselves. We know, that sounds WAY too simple, but please hear us out.

The beautiful reality is you have an Inner Guide that is so wise and so intune... that once you know how to tap into it, well IT will guide you right smack into your perfect life.

You actually don't need more "teachings"... and you certainly don't need more "higher learning" information crammed on top of what's known as your "programming."

What we all need to get clear and be free is to release our negative programming (around relationships, money, looks, spirituality, etc) AND gently uncover the inner wisdom and amazing intelligence that is already within us!!

It's then that you can begin to use the power of your mind and the clarity of the REAL YOU to direct that wisdom and intellegence in a conscious and deliberate way.

Honestly that's the ONLY method that seems to really work -- that is if you want a life that is amazing on a material AND spiritual level. And yes you can bring those two worlds together, once you understand how to be guided by your inner wisdom.

So at this point you might be thinking... ok... sounds interesting, but how do I actually blend these two worlds together... a spiritual lifestyle and a material one... and have everything I really want?

That's where we come into the picture :) We have dedicated our lives to the self discovery journey, plus we've both had the priviledge of teaching these life skills for a long time now. We are the co-creators of Satori Method & i-Grasshopper, two personal development companies that help people transform their lifes from the inside out.

life_coachingAlong with our amazing coaches, we both offer this Life Mastery Coaching, along with three other world-class coaches, so that you can create the shift you desire by learning from our corner-cutting techniques and self-mastery tools.

The first coaching principle we would like to share with you is: material things in and of themselves aren't going to make you happy. They are a very important part of our lives, but the ultimate truth is our happiness and love of life has nothing to do with them.

Perhaps you already knew that? But we have found that for many people this can be a tough pill to swallow at first. Again, we're not saying stuff isn't important, it is, it's just not the solution to happiness.

A big light bulb moment (Satori) is - once you are no longer controlled or programmed to believe stuff (or peope) = happiness - you can then discover the true source of your happiness.

You see once you know where happiness lives (loving tip: it's really close to where you are sitting right now), you can begin to create AND attract as much stuff as you want to play with in this world.

Maybe you've heard by now, finally scientists and theologians are both agreeing that everything is energy. Knowing that you are energy; everything around you is energy; the objects in your life are energy and the money used to buy them are also energy (after all it is called currency), you can then begin to shape your physical world by focusing your mind power into material things.

You see your mind is the most powerful creation tool that you have, and once it is clear and focused AND GUIDED by your conscious self, you can easily manifest a life that truly rocks!!

~ Take me right to the Life Mastery Coaching Application ~

Life Mastery Coaching is Based on the Principle of "SATORI". / sa-tor`e / n.

1. an awakening. 2. a deeper understanding. 3. breakthrough.

This principle of Satori is the essence of the Life Mastery Coaching program. It is not a religious practice, but rather a system and a process that takes you to deeper and deeper levels of Awakening.

Our coaching with you involves one-on-one training (locally or by phone/skype). Whether your needs are personal or professional in nature, our method works to get you to the next level, in any area of your life.

To attain the experience of Satori in your life, where you are consistently tapping into your highest potential, we will get you started with our 5-point meditation practice (The Art of Mushin). Although meditation instruction is the cornerstone of our Life Mastery Coaching program, meditation training by itself is not enough.

Next we will help you learn how to "listen" to your True Self and what IT truly wants for you (we know that sounded a little new agey, but really it's important - just think of it as your "Intuition" if True Self is a stretch).

Then we will assist you in releasing your fears, doubts and uncertainty and replace that with positive programming - one that gives your subconscious mind total confidence.

Lastly we will teach you how to integrate your 'conscious desires' into a powerful manifestation mindset... one that results in total success in each of the areas you choose to focus upon - Health, Wealth, Relationships, Business and Spirituality.

~ Take me to the Life Mastery Coaching Application ~

This Coaching Process is Perfect for You if You Want to:

  • Uncover your True Nature with an easy to learn Meditation
  • Clarify what it is that YOU really want, in all areas of your life
  • Release your unconscious resistance and negative programming
  • Apply the power of conscious thinking, visualization and manifestation
  • Stay on-track with your daily practice and manifest your conscious desires

"Your tools and coaching helped to unleash the power of "me" in the good sense. I am much more aware of myself and sensitive to others, making it much easier to make positive changes in my personal life as well as inspiring healthy changes in my organization. My confidence and optimism have spread to others, and it just seems that my life has fallen into place. Even on 'bad days', it's easy to get myself back on track because I know how, thanks to you. These tools are for a lifetime, and I am grateful to have them in my arsenal. Thanks for everything, Tristan!"

~ Penny Mina, Innovation Manager, Dr Pepper Snapple Group

So what's the most important thing that you want to transform?

  • Conquering the stress and anxiety?
  • Getting clear on your life or career direction?
  • Making more money and using consciously?
  • Losing weight and cultivating a beautiful body?
  • Increasing your energy and feeling more vitality?
  • Healing an old 'emotional' hurt or relationship issues?
  • Finding that special person you know is out there for you?
  • Managing your emotions, reactivity &/or anger?
  • Feeling more connecting and living a balanced spiritual life?

Whatever your needs are Life Mastery Coaching and the powerful tools we can teach you will totally transform your life, from the inside out. We promise you that our coaching works! You can be sure that we won't give you weak techniques, nor will you get luke-warm results ~ this is the real deal!

We have coached thousands of people... and would love to Coach you too ... if you're ready to do the work and you're willing to change.

Throughout the coaching period we will guide you step-by-step, each week refining your ability to master these powerful life-skills tools, as well as keeping you on track with your goals. The ultimate result will be that you are finally living the life you want to be living!

Please know that your thoughts are very powerful, in fact thoughts held onto for an extended period of time manifest as ‘things’ in your life. Therefore, if you are holding onto negative thoughts and old habits you cannot change the course of your life. However, if you take the time to change your thoughts and align them with your Conscious Self, you can absolutely change your life!

Special Get Started Offer

When you are accepted into the Life Mastery Coaching Program you will get to work directly with one of our four expert coaches. Please remember, we only take on select students who are ready to do the work and really go for it!

Currently we own and operate a busy mind-body-spirit studio in Austin, Texas and teach Quantum Transformation with our partner John Assaraf, from the hit book and movie "The Secret". We feel so blessed to work with amazing students and coaches every day. We are so happy to be doing what we love best... and that is helping others uncover their full potential!

We have decided that it's only fair to you to let you check us out, and see if Life Mastery Coaching is what you're looking for. Therefore we are going to give you a 30-minute coaching session, absolutely FREE. Please only take us up on this if you are serious about getting one-on-one help. Our moto is: "we really want to help you.. if you really want to help you". This is said with total love.

During your free session you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about coaching and discuss topics that you would like to focus on. We will thoroughly explain the different ways in which we can assist you in realizing your goals. We will also be asking you some clarity questions at this time, to make sure that our approach to coaching is right for you. While others may take the money and run, we walk the talk. That's why if our coaching isn't a goof fit for you, we will tell you so.

Once you are fully signed up for Life Mastery Coaching we will begin working with you right away! At your first session you will receive our Life Mastery Coaching Guidebook that will immediately give you direction and guidance on how to transform your life, in ALL areas.

There is a very wise saying by the old life-skills master, Lao Tzu ... he said, "If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading".

A cleaver play on words, but how true ... so when do you think would be the best time to change your life into the life you want to be living? We are ready to help, right now.

"Sensei Tristan, I'm grateful for the many hours you have donated to train myself and others ... I'm grateful for the many hours of counseling and wisdom you have graced me with, and I'm grateful for the wonderful example you are to me (I've had very few people in my life that have been good examples that I could follow and learn through), and I'm most grateful for the direction my life is headed because of you and [Satori Method] and the love that you and the other teachers pour through it. Thank you"

~ Cheryl Featherstone (Personal Trainer & Mother of Three)

You Can Apply Right Here, Right Now!

Before continuing please make sure you agree with the following statement:

"I am open and willing to look at the roadblocks in my life and learn tools to remove and replace them, so that I can get on with creating the life I deserve and am ready to be living."

If you agree then please answer the application questions below. We give preference to applications that are completely filled out. The application process is free, your 30-minute consultation if free, but this is not a free program.

Live well and love fearlessly,

Tristan & Sabrina Truscott

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